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Information on how it works

What is Hypnosis Online Meet Ups?

Hypnosis Online Meet Ups was created as a way to build a community in the hypnosis world. Using online meeting rooms, I brought together the power of Webinars but integrated with face to face interactions.

We have all been on a webinar when the question you asked gets swallowed up by the many others asking questions. Hypnosis online meet ups gives you the chance to ask your questions in person. As the meet up uses a video call you can see the presenter and the other attendees throughout the presentation.

Hypnosis online meet ups runs monthly bringing some of the biggest names in hypnosis to your home to give you quality learning within their fields.

How much will it cost?

There are 2 price platforms for meet ups. If you can join on the evening, you pay less than just wanting the catch up. this is to help building up a community of people that you can connect with when needed.

To join live the cost is £7.00, to receive the replay it is £8.99

How do I join?

Upon booking you will receive your unique link to join us via Zoom (much like Skype). Please do ensure you have a suitable internet connection to join us.

What if I want to re-watch afterwards do I have to purchase the replay?

Anyone who purchases the 'Live' ticket and joins the evening, will receive a copy of the replay. If you fail to attend you will not be able to receive the replay.